How To Be The Most Fashion Forward Best Friends In The Room

Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer, all legends who killed it in the 90’s as best friends. I thought to myself, why can’t me and my best friends kill it like that? But I realized, we can, we just have to look the part, and it will happen. Roll up to that party where you don’t know anyone and make a lasting impression. These outfits will be in everyone’s benefit, especially your own.
The two girls with the oversized bags and circle sunglasses, walking down the streets of New York City, drinking artisan iced coffee. These are the girls people do a double take for. Either admiring their style or wondering how important they are because they sure look the part.
Those best friends that every guy wants but can’t have. Those best friends that are always on point and in sync. They know all the trendiest spots in the city and which outfits to wear. Those best friends know how to answer back and how to get what they want. That is who I am going to be, and it is going to start in my closet with this dress. Who said you have to be a celebrity to be high fashion?


   The Helena Dress
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Be Bold Be Bisou.
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