The 2018 Trend You Need To Start Before Everyone Else Does

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It’s like the 90’s in 2017.” I thought to myself as I saw this body suit. I knew exactly where I would wear it. It was perfect for sake bombing at sushi with my girls, to hitting the club. This is going to be big and I’m going to be one of the first girls in the style that's going to take over the fashion world.

When chokers became a thing, I felt so cool because i’ve been wearing them since 2012. I’m convinced I started the trend, but that’s beside the point. The point is, I wore chokers because I actually liked how it looked and not because society told me it was cool. I felt sexy and confident in them, and that is exactly how I feel about this off the shoulder, one lace arm bodysuit.

The Yasmeen BodySuit 

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You see that? That’s what confidence and style aligned look like. Be different and add excitement to your look. Strut into that gala looking better than the girl to your right who can’t even walk in her heels. You’re the girl who can walk in 6 inches without looking once at the floor, and your style shows that.

You don't care what anyone thinks of you, but you know they think you're the "it girl" of the party. The It Girl is a contemporary, modern, sexy, strong, beautiful empowered woman, and that is the person you will embody in the Yasmeen Bodysuit.

You can take on anything, whether it's that boy who thinks he's going to break your heart, or that girl in the room who has held a grudge on you for 7 years. The woman you are today is not the woman you were yesterday. You have an attitude, but the type of attitude that gets you to all the right places, and you know just how to use it.

Show off your individuality in the Yasmeen Bodysuit. 

Be Confident Be Bisou.

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